Bragin IT Solutions inc is an acclaimed professional IT Company based in Texas, USA. We are committed towards quality and excellence in providing IT solutions.

Bragin IT solutions was incorporated in the year 2009 by the visionary Evgeny Bragin. The company was started after holding a stellar record of offering innovations and services in freelancing projects with several accomplishments in our portfolio. Our company offers a range of services with cutting technologies and effective features which goes a long way in satisfying our ever growing clientele.

We are an award winning company with numerous accolades showered upon us thanks in large to the high standards of quality we adhere as well as the efficiency and productivity of our team. And that is the reason we are proud to be one of leading companies who cater towards the outsourcing market

What makes our company special?

We are thoroughly equipped and capable of performing in accordance to the client's project needs. Our company has a team of extremely skilful and qualified workers who are competent in taking care of any intricate requirement with the solitary aim of offering you the best personalized and automated solution for your company.

Our acclaimed development centre is in Odessa city, which is the home to a large number of prominent and renowned universities with most of the world's top notch specialists graduating every year from here.

The Technology of our company is the heart and soul and thus we use the latest technologies which will allow us to deliver top quality products at much faster pace.

All our clients will be provided with the high level of communication service from our side and they will be able to monitor every worker whom they employ.

One of the main benefits of choosing our company are the offshore service plans that we provide. They allow you to save a lot of time and finances With the tax system in Ukraine being much simpler than most countries, all our customers will have a great opportunity of not raking their brains out with their local tax departments.

We have a wide array of happy client list who are thoroughly satisfied with all the services we have provided till date and would be more than happy to provide their testimonials on the quality services we offer.